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Watch NHL Live: How to Watch the Games from Anywhere in The World Without Blackouts

We are at it again.

It is the NHL season, and we are loving the action we are getting. While some teams like Lightning will be looking to extend their winning streak when they meet the Jets on Monday, others will be looking to end their embarrassing run of losses.

One of such teams that fall into the latter category are the Panthers. With Maple Leaf – who are enjoying a stellar run this season too – to face, they have to pull out all the stops.

Such is the making of a beautiful season as this. To ensure you never miss any of the action, we have brought you some of the top free and paid streaming options for the game.

Free Streaming Options

Do you want to catch the NHL games free? You don’t have to look farther than these options:

  • fuboTV

The fuboTV platform works well for those who have cut the cable cord but would still like to grab some action. Note that the freebie package is limited to 7 days, so you might want to start on the day of a game so as to maximize your experience.

That being said, all you have to do is sign up to the official fuboTV platform and you’re good to go. Cancel the subscription before the 7-day trial lapses if you don’t want to continue so you don’t get charged.

  • YouTube TV

As one of the biggest video content curators out there, YouTube TV is an ideal place to see the games for a free trial too. The free package gives you access to all NBC channels where the games will be aired for the best experience.

  • Sling TV

Also offering you the first 7 days for free, Sling TV is yet another alternative that should be seriously considered. They also have other sports channels that you can look at when NHL is not running.

Paid Streaming Options

All of the free streaming platforms up there have a limited time frame. If, after the free trial expires, you like what you’re getting, we encourage you to choose a suitable plan and continue with them.

Besides those, another great (and paid) streaming option is what NHL TV provides. They offer different subscription plans though which you can grab all the action you want.

However, it has one major flaw.

Just like NBC, there is the problem of regional blackouts and limited access to game content from time to time. That can quickly mar the streaming experience.

Guess what? We have a fix for that too.

Streaming all NHL games with a VPN

A VPN is a great bet for anyone who wants to watch NHL live, no matter where they are in the world. We’ll tell you why.

If you are outside the US, you are soon to find out that you won’t be able to access any of the free streaming options that we have listed above. That is because of the geoblocks that have been put around the NHL content from leaving the States market.

Besides that, those using NHL TV will be subject to game blackouts when the games are being played in their locale. What you might not even know is that the NHL TV subscription in your country is expensive, and you can get it for cheaper elsewhere.

What to do? Grab a VPN.

For those who want to just stream with the free options above, you can then:

  • Connect to a server location in the US
  • Sign up to your preferred streaming platform, we recommend using to bypass content blackout
  • See all the pucks as they go in.

To escape blackouts:

  • Connect to a server location where the games ARE NOT being aired.
  • Stream the content as you’d like.

Finally, you can get the best price on the NHL TV subscription by:

  • Connecting to a sever location in other countries
  • Checking for where the best price is offered and buying from there.


See how much the VPN takes care of you? Now, it’s time for you to catch every day of the scintillating hockey league.